Marketing Consulting

This is where you should begin. A website is just one facet of a good marketing plan. Having a great looking website will not guarantee that your business will grow or prosper. You must have a complete marketing plan and realistic expectations for what each part of that plan will provide.

I will sit down and discuss these items with you and allow you to decide which parts make sense for your unique situation.

Domain Names

What's in a name?

Your name should be as short and easily recognizable as possible. Coming up with a unique and catchy name is key to helping customers remember and visit your site.

Website / Social Media Design

Getting the attention of your prospective clients and keeping current clients engaged is one of the toughest tasks you will encounter with any business. There are countless other competitors trying to via for those same people's attention and time. A key to accomplishing your goals is to create a site that looks good today and remains fresh in the days to come.


Security / SSL

A secure site makes your visitors more comfortable and confident. A secured site should be at the top of your priorities if you run an online store or collect sensitive information.

We all look for security and having a properly configured server and website will go a long way to giving both your customers and you peace of mind.

Other Marketing Options

What other options should you consider?

There are many. Radio, TV, Direct Marketing, Mail, what you need depends on what your goals are and who you are trying to connect with.

Maintenance / SEO

Keeping things fresh!

As mentioned above, one the the best things you can do to maintain and grow engagement is to keep things fresh and new. Customers and clients quickly stop visiting a site that never changes.